Understanding Riesling: From Dry to Sweet and Everything in Between

Understanding Riesling: From dry to sweet and everything in between. Explore the fascinating history and diverse expressions of Riesling, a noble grape variety with origins in Germany’s Rhine region. Discover its ability to reflect terroir and produce a wide range of styles, from bone-dry to lusciously sweet. Learn about the four main styles of Riesling and how climate, terroir, and winemaking techniques influence its characteristics. Delve into the renowned Riesling regions of Germany, France, and the New World, and uncover their unique terroir contributions. Unleash the aging potential of Riesling and uncover the best serving suggestions. Experience the captivating world of Riesling at Tudor Wines, where exceptional vineyards in California’s Central Coast produce wines with distinct character and complexity. Book a Riesling-focused tasting for a personalized exploration of this exceptional grape variety.

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